Sick Dog Wasn't Able To Protect Her Puppies, So She Hide Inside Crumbling House

This story shows us that a mother's love has no boundaries. a mama dog who was in a very bad situation as she was so weak with severe mange and painful wounds, was able to take care of her in excellent health. No one can think that their mama is sick as they were being nursed happily.

The adorable pups are completely clean with a good weight despite everything. They just had a minor case of mange after being contacted with their mama but at all, they are doing great.

Thankfully, they were all taken in a crate by a rescuer who also carried the mama in the other arm, actually, they headed to the shelter to have a better place and meals.

Once they arrived at the shelter, they all get paths as the best treatment for mange is to have medicated paths every day. They will also give them topical antibiotics to treat their skin. Thankfully, after just 7 days, all the dogs will be completely healed and put up for adoption.

Watch the video below.

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