Shelter Dog Tagged As ‘Unadoptable’ But One Woman Ignored The Aggressive Label

A Husky dog called Mishka sat at the shelter lethargic and overweight in an extreme way! She on the euthanasia list as she was somehow aggressive. Furthermore, she was also unavailable for adoption. But when Naleah saw Mishka on the shelter’s website, everything changed!

So, Naleah went to the shelter to meet the Husky to see if she would be perfect for her. However, it was love from first sight! Going to a new home does not directly affect Mishka’s behaviors as she did not interest in anything at first! But having puppy siblings makes her be more comfortable as she started to be out of her shell.

So, the mama started taking Mishka for trips, hikes, and walks to the beach. That surely led to lose her overweight! She looks gorgeous now! Watch the video below.

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