Shelter Discovers a Matted Animal Left at the Door and Thinks It's a Dog

This story is completely heartbreaking, it is about a matted, abandoned creature that was found in Gardnerville, Nevada, by Douglas County Animal Care & Services’ staff on the doorstep. The surveillance camera caught that the creature was abandoned there the whole night! It is assumed that the pet is a dog!

The video shows a mysterious man dropping the pet off in a cage and leaving it. The staff could not even turn the pet around as it was shoved in the carrier in a bad way! But, they were finally able to see its face, and they were completely shocked!

It was a cat in a really bad condition! It could not move an inch!

They shaved about 4.5 pounds of fur! The cat was looking normal again, but he was severely overweight. So, they put him on a special diet, after naming him Bob Marley.

Thankfully, he was adopted after few days of being put for adoption.

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