Senior Dog Has Been Surrendered After 10 Years By Owners, Finds New Family

Adopting a dog means that you are committed to take care of them in the best way ever, and give them the love they need. Furthermore, taking care of them includes their hard times and when they become seniors.

Unfortunately, there are some dog owners who do not understand that, and just did not want to take care of their dogs when they get older, and that’s what happened with Netty, who was surrendered despite spending 10 years with one family as he got old!

But thankfully this poor old girl got a happy ending after a new family took her in, giving her the second chance she deserves.

The 15-year-old dog, Netty, was taken back to the shelter of the Pennsylvania SPCA for having incontinence, claimed her owners!

Netty was put on medications, despite the apparent concern of her owners about her health. They found that she had a urinary tract infection that led to the incontinence, that was treated at their hospital.

Despite being old, the shelter decided to do what they could to find a new forever home for Netty.

The director of public relations of the shelter, Gillian Kocher, said that the dog was fairly heartbroken and depressed, but the workers of the shelter were optimistic.

She added that adopters in general are interested in adopting young pups, which made it very hard to find adopters for Netty.

Fortunately, the owner of Pocopson Veterinary Station in West Chester, Amy Kidd, who is also a small-pet veterinarian, heard the story of Netty, and knew she had to help her.

Their family’s 12-year-old dog had recently died, so, she knew that adopting Netty would be a great choice.

So, without any hesitation, Amy’s family went to adopt her from Philadelphia to give her a great time in her golden years.

Amy said that their main aim is to spoil her and give her the love and care she deserves for the rest of her life! What a happy ending!

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