Determined Senior Dog Adorably Loses Wiener Dog Race

The UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine hosted the Doxie Derby Amateur Greyhound Race of this year with tens of dachshunds participating.

The main idea of the race is to let pups and people have fun, and the race was so funny as one senior dog was so adorable.

One student, Dr. Alex Cohen who is also the creator of Tiny Snek Comics, was there when the dogs participating in the race were introduced.

When Cohen saw the 14-year-old dog, Sophie, he knew that it would be a very hard mission for her to win the race. But after seeing her determination, he knew that she was there for another reason.

Cohen said that the determination of the senior dog is inspiring as she did what she could to cross the finish line. He said that it is really great to the crowd shout when Sophie crosses the line. How adorable! Watch the video below.

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