Senior Dog Couldn't Climb Onto Bed Anymore, He Sleeps With Owner's Shirt Instead

When Molly was a puppy she cherished every moment spent with her family. She had a desire to stay close, to them during their sleep as they were her most beloved companions.

Travis Wahl couldn't contain his joy when he returned to live with his parents and reunited with Molly. Their bond was incredibly strong. Despite Molly being over 14 years old Wahl still sees her as the little puppy he adopted when he was just 12.

Wahl shared that Molly has been a part of his life for half its entirety and enjoys watching him play the guitar. Sometimes he even serenades her with customized lyrics to Barry Manilows "Copacabana " replacing the words with "Her name was Molly " "She's a girl " and so on.

In her days Molly used to sleep in beds each night. However as she has aged and become quite hefty it has become more challenging for her to climb onto and off beds. While she adapts to this change and no longer sleeps in the family beds she finds comfort snuggled up next, to Wahl in one of his shirts.

Whenever Molly stumbles upon any piece of clothing left on the floor or nearby it becomes her bed for the night.

She appears to have a fondness, for sleeping to anything with a scent almost as if shes still sharing a bed. If she can't find a shirt she'll settle for anything she can get her paws on like a towel or sock.

It doesn't matter if things are messy or tidy Wahl will use them to help her drift off to sleep.

According to Wahl Molly used to sleep in whichever bed someone allowed her into. The last time she slept on a bed was on July 4 2013. She doesn't seem bothered by the fact that she can't use my bed long as she gets to sleep in my room every night.

Despite being older and less capable of fulfilling the duties as before Molly still loves her family as much as when she was a puppy. Her affection is reciprocated instinctively by them.

Wahl claims that Molly has matured over time, like a wine. She started out as a girl. Has now become the best companion anyone could ask for.