School Principal Unlocks Dumpster And Finds A Lifetime Surprise

The principal at Zela Elementary in West Virginia, James Marsh, went out on Monday morning to check on the locked dumpster of the school as he locks it every night to keep animals out of it. But when he checked it up it seemed that it was unlocked but how did that happen?!

You can see in the video below, that was taken by the surveillance cameras, Marsh pulling the bar of the lid to be surprised with a big, black bear!

Fortunately, Marsh and the bear did not face each other as the principal just ran away and so did the bear. You can see in the video that there was a woman opening the door, and she also got frightened. Marsh said that the bear seemed to be very scared just as he was.

It seemed that it was impossible for the bear to get inside the dumpster, but Marsh said that the only way to get inside the locked dumpster was to be able to get inside by pulling back the lock bar, but when it wanted to get out, it wasn't able, so, it stayed in all weekend. How hilarious! Watch the video below.

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