Scary-Looking Dog Captured Peeking Over The Fence Makes People Uncomfortable

This story speaks about a four-pound pup called Junebug, whose look is so scary! Her story has recently gone viral after some photos of her were shared online! One of the photos shows her looking over the top of a tall fence, which makes people uncomfortable!

Many commentators have linked with the scary clown from the movie “It”, and the Joker, Beetlejuice! But the truth is that Junebug is a cute angel, according to Tim K., her owner!

The owner also added that Junebug is one of the cutest and friendliest dogs you could ever meet! People who meet her will surely fall in love with her!

Tim also said that Junebug is a member of their family as she is so friendly that she will not hurt anyone! “Do not judge a book by its cover”. What do you think of her look!

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