Scared Husky Found Freezing In Fear In A Corner While Other Dogs Live In Joy

When SHS rescuers arrived from Harbin, they found more than 2,000 dogs on a site in Harbin, China. But among all dogs, one of the saddest reasons.

While all the other dogs ran together, this dog was frozen in a corner, scared and alone.

He was not in very good shape either. Her coat was very dirty and dull from droppings. She was malnourished and was very scared. It was clear that this poor husky puppy had long been neglected.

They decided to take this dog and call it Harriet. As soon as they got into the car, she felt as a volunteer on the lap and felt safe for the first time.

They took her to the vet, who estimated that Harriet was about eight months old.

Harriet, a single puppy, has already experienced more sadness than any other dog. But fortunately, he was finally in good hands and on the way to recovery.

Fortunately, Harriet was in good health except for the most obvious evils. The first thing they did was wash them and shave their dirty, tangled coat.

From there he moved to her rescue center, where he would recover for the next two months.

Harriet's fur began to grow back and forth over the weeks. It was such a loving and friendly puppy that it was time to find her home forever.

A Canadian called Rosee Vallee saw the photo of Harriet online and knew immediately that she wanted to adopt it. A volunteer took Harriet to San Francisco, where she met her new mother for the first time.

Harriet started her new life in Canada. But with his new life came a new name: Bailey. In addition to a new mother, she has three new dog sisters, with whom she gets along well.

Bailey loves her new life and has fun adventures with her new family. Thanks to the volunteers and veterinarians who helped her throughout the process, we are far from being frozen in one corner of this building!

Watch the video below.

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