Sad dog meets new kitten brother and immediately gives her hugs and kisses

Adding new members to a family is not always easy. But for a rescue dog named Martin, meeting his new kitten sister made him happy.

Although Martin was the only pet in the house when the new kitten arrived, he wasn’t used to being alone. Just a year ago, his Labrador sister and best friend Alma passed away. “He went through some depression because Alma wasn’t here anymore,” Martin’s mum Emilia Ivan told Dodo. “He was really lonely and sad.”

When Ivan heard about a young kitten abandoned in a nearby field, she knew she had to give her a home and the love she deserved. At first, Ivan hesitated to introduce Martin to the new kitten. But, as Ivan said, “The first night [they met], that was love at first sight. “

Martin’s first interaction with the kitten included immediate snuggling and lots of wet kisses. “He took care of her,” Ivan said.

Shortly after welcoming the first kitten home, Ivan and her boyfriend found the second kitten – this time abandoned in their yard. “We thought she was left by someone because they saw we had another kitten,” Ivan said. “She was lonely and scared.”

The second kitten was warmly welcomed by Martin. The kittens joined Martin’s family seamlessly, and he was one of their primary caregivers.

“He was very attentive and looked after them,” Ivan said. “He acted as if he was their mother and they were his daughter.”

Ivan and her boyfriend even noticed the kitten’s presence helped relieve some of Martin’s grief. “He almost seemed to appreciate them,” Ivan said. In turn, seeing Martin interact with the kittens expands their love for him in ways they couldn’t have predicted.

“I’ve always liked Martin, but now when I see him taking care of the kittens, how careful and playful he is with them,” Ivan said. “It’s amazing.”