Rare Pygmy Possums Melts Hearts Of Rescuers, As They Are Endanger Of Being Erased By Bushfire

While checking some of North Head Sanctuary's animal nest boxes to see if there was anyone inside them, researchers at Australian Wildlife Conservancy were completely shocked to find the tiniest baby animal ever. It was one of the smallest possums in the world, eastern pygmy possums, whose weight was only seven gm, and smaller than a pinky finger.

A researcher at the at Conservancy, Dr. Viyanna Leo, said that it is a sign that there were more possums in the same area as it meant that their population were improving. The researchers added that to improve the ecosystem, they have to restore this species of possums.

Being small makes the Eastern pygmy possums nocturnal, so, they stay safe during night. Leo said that the baby possums they found will stay with his mama till he is able to do things by his own. atch the video below.

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