Puppy Melts 8M Hearts When Cuddles And Naps With Colt At Farm In Cutest Scene.

When we think about animals making friends we usually imagine pets forming bonds with members of their species or animals that're similar, to them. However there are exceptions to this as shown in a video on the internet. 

The video captures a heartwarming moment where a small puppy becomes friends with a horse.

In the video we witness the terriers excitement as it meets the foal on a farm. Its clear that an instant friendship forms between the two. The footage shows the little pup snuggled up next to the horse while they sleep together. It seems like these two spend a lot of time together on their farm.

During one afternoon in the green pasture we see the brown colt peacefully dozing off. Sneaking up quietly is a white puppy that looks like an Australian Shepherd. The puppy settles itself between the colts chin and torso looking completely content! It even flips onto its back with its paws up in the air almost appearing to smile.

With its forehead touching against the colts head this affectionate little pup soaks up some sunshine while trying to show its friendship and care for its buddy. As they cuddle together you can hear some adorable whimpers coming from the puppy. Almost as if its expressing love, for its equine friend.

It's interesting how horses and dogs sometimes become friends like, in this video where a puppy and a young colt seem to have formed a deep bond. Its heartwarming to imagine them continuing their cuddles when they grow up.

Watching this one snuggling with the horses makes us all want to join in on their affectionate embrace. Fluffy puppies are simply irresistible. Horses are truly captivating creatures.