No One Want This Pug With Grumpy Face, Until One Person Make Him Smile

Puppy Cornelius was, like the 'ugly duckling' in a way.

Affected by leucism a condition that causes a lack of pigments and pale coloring the dog was passed from one owner to another with no one deciding to keep him.

Then one day Toni Cusson from Toronto, Canada fell in love with what's undoubtedly the grumpiest looking dog on the internet.

Yes Cornelius is quite the pup. He has thousands of fans on his Instagram account called mistercornelius. Owner Toni shares pictures of him and his daily life in Toronto on there.

It's easy to see why Cornelius has become so popular.

At glance he definitely looks like the dog in the world. No matter what Toni does. Cornelius always seems skeptical.

Despite his appearance hes not fooling anyone if you ask me. I think he has the sweetest face

He's not particularly interested, in stuffed toys...

Birthday parties? Hmm. He couldn't care less about them.

"No thanks! I don't want to join you on your picnic."

"I told you this was an idea!"How times do I have to say it? I really dislike winter!

Even though Cornelius may seem grumpy he is actually a natured pup. This becomes evident when he is, with his friend Bowie Tonis pug.

"Toni told The Dodo that Cornelius doesn't know how to be a dog without Bowie. She's his friend. He feels lost without her."

However there are moments when Cornelius looks hilariously annoyed.

"Swim? Do I appear like a fish to you?"

You would think that nothing could ever make this pug smile...

"Bedtime? Absolutely not."

But don't be fooled by his exterior; Cornelius is quite soft hearted. When he does smile it's bliss.

Remember; Sometimes even the fiercest faces hide a glimmer of light.

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