Heavily Pregnant Dog Found With Multiple Stab Wounds And Dumped By Her Owner

This story speaks about Beauty, a heavily pregnant dog, who was cruelly suffered by a monster. This disturbing case has been uncovered by Miami Dade Animal Services after investigating in it. They found the dog, that was dehydrated, bleeding out in the dirt because of many stab wounds across her stomach, leg, face, and neck.

Thankfully, they were able to rescue her and transfer her to Big Dog Ranch Rescue to receive the care and love she needs. Lauree Simmons, the founder of the rescue, said that Beauty was about to die because of her wounds and she had approximately no hope to survive. The rescue workers were doing their best to keep Beauty and her nine pups in her belly alive.

Thankfully, she gave birth to eight pups (four girls and four boys). Will all be available to be adopted in eight weeks and Beauty will also be available in twelve weeks. The only problem in this story is that her vicious owner is still untraceable. Help the authorities to find him/her by sharing this story. 

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