Pregnant Dog Escapes From Cruel Humans To Give Birth In Bitter Cold Inside Horror House

This story, that was shared by “Stray Rescue of St. Louis”, speaks about a poor pregnant mama dog called Champagne, who was forced to give birth in winter. Being stray and homeless, she walked into an abandoned block of houses, that was filled with hazardous debris, to give birth and to keep her babies warm.

Champagne was spotted by Donna, a rescuer, who directly called his rescue team, who came to see that the dog did not trust humans! You can see in the video below that Champagne, who is very afraid, is being greeted by the rescuers on the rundown stairs.

So, the rescuers decide to follow the dog to where she goes. The dog goes to a bedroom on the top floor, and is ready jump off as she is completely scared of humans.

Fortunately, the rescuers were able to grab her as she hid behind a crib instead. The big surprise was that they found 7 pups! So, they took the mama dog and her pups to the van.

Actually, Champagne did a great job in saving the pups as they were all in good health! What a great mama!

Watch the video below.

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