Pregnant Dog Dumped By Owner And Woman Refuses To Let Her Stay Heartbroken

Cara Achterberg planned to pick up six dogs from the Scott County Animal Sanctuary and move them to foster homes, hopping that they would find forever homes. Before transferring the animals, she found out that one of them was pregnant.

So, she thought that it would be a hard mission to move the pregnant dog as she would certainly require a health certificate and a rabies vaccine.

It was Labor Day! Which means it was a long shot find a veterinarian. Despite everything, she decided to adopt the pregnant dog. After preparing everything Cara and her husband found out that there were no employees on holidays or weekends either, which means that preparing the adoption paper was very hard.

So, Cara called Barb the puppy organizer of the rescue group and asked him to ease the process. However, the Labor Day came and the pregnant dog, Dixie, started the Labor Day on a Friday morning. Thankfully, she gave birth to eight healthy puppies, who were all adopted by Cara.

Thankfully, all the dogs are now having a great life which their new mama, Cara.

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