Pittie Wonders Why She Was Returned To Shelter, Now She Is Waiting For A New Home

It's a moment, for dogs when they find their forever homes through adoption. However sometimes things don't work out as expected. The dogs end up being returned to the shelter again.

This unfortunate situation happened to a dog named Tic Tac. Despite being adopted she was returned after. Nevertheless Tic Tac is now hopeful and on the lookout for her home.

Tic Tac is a pit bull terrier under the care of Voorhees Animal Orphanage located in southern New Jersey. According to People magazine she was discovered as a stray. Is described as an well behaved girl with moderate energy levels. She enjoys walks and snuggling.

When Tic Tac found her family three weeks after arriving at the shelter it seemed like a happy ending for this sweet dog. The caretakers at Voorhees Animal Orphanage were overjoyed. Unfortunately fate had plans.

Tic Tac didn't get along with the familys existing pet. Ended up in a fight that led to her return, to Voorhees Animal Orphanage.

"In June there was an altercation that became the final straw " explained Jennifer Bailey, the marketing director of the shelter. She mentioned that Tic Tac sustained some scars from the incident.
"I have to admit it's unfortunate. The owners had to make a decision and choose Tic Tac to leave so she ended up back, at the shelter."

The shelter shared a heart wrenching photo of the dog; she appears devastated and bewildered as she realizes that she has returned to the shelter.

"It's always strange when an animal is returned. They get all excited because they recognize faces " Bailey explained. "That confusion you see on her face is because initially they're thrilled until they realize, 'Oh no I'm here again.'"

However there is still hope for Tic Tac as she's now available for adoption more. The Voorhees Animal Orphanage suggests that she be the dog in her home. While older children are welcomed, having a fenced yard would be ideal but not mandatory.

Bailey mentioned that they have received applications, from people in adopting Tic Tac and they will ensure that she finds just the right family to prevent any further heartbreak.

"We'll continue our efforts until we find her the perfect family " Bailey assured.
What an adorable dog! We're keeping our fingers crossed that she will find a loving home soon. Lets share this heartwarming story to raise awareness and assist Tic Tac in finding her family!