No One Even Noticed That Pittie Was Pregnant, Fosters Quit Counting At 15

A dog called Kaya Pittie was about to be put down at a shelter, but he was fostered just in time by a kind couple. The dog, who was underweight, had his freedom walk with her new fosterers, who knew that they had to set her on a balanced diet to be healthy again.

When Kaya Pittieā€™s tummy started to get bigger, the couple thought that it was due to overfeeding, but the truth was that she was pregnant!

The kind couple prepared everything to make Pittie give birth in the most comfortable way ever! But they were surprised during the labor as she started giving birth to puppies without stopping! She gave birth to fifteen pups, and they thought she was done! But 30 minutes later, she gave birth to another one, which made them 16! Wooow! Watch the video below.

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