Pit Bull With One Ear Made His Stuffed Toy Look Exactly Like Himself

Bruno, a dog, with one ear who lives at the SPCA of Wake County in North Carolina decided to give his " friend" a makeover to match his unique look. As a result he now has a guardian to take care of him.

The heartwarming photos of Bruno and his customized stuffed animal companion quickly gained popularity when the SPCA of Wake County shared them online. "Bruno playfully removed one ear from his stuffed toy—the ear that he himself is missing " revealed the animal shelter in a Facebook post. A staff member who stumbled upon this sight couldn't believe her eyes. Captured the moment through photographs to share with the rest of the team.

The staff also shared Brunos past explaining that he used to be chained and tragically lost his ear during an encounter with another dog. However Brunos resilience shines through as he embraces himself just as he is. Now with a friend by his side Bruno knows that there's nothing wrong, with him—he is perfect just the way he is.
Bruno had a start, in life always tied outside regardless of freezing winters or scorching summers. He couldn't escape his suffering as the SPCA explained.

Living outdoors also took a toll on Brunos health. Thanks to your generosity SPCA Wake will provide him with treatment for his heartworm disease over the coming months. Sadly this disease affects shelter dogs in North Carolina each year making it challenging for them to find homes.

Despite enduring hardships Bruno is known for his kind and gentle nature at the shelter. According to SPCA personnel he may have eyes but is incredibly happy and affectionate; his tail never stops wagging! He's well behaved, adorable and remarkably intelligent.

Furthermore Bruno still enjoys the company of dogs and adores meeting people.

The original Facebook post featuring heartwarming pictures of Bruno went viral with over 50,000 shares. One man who came across Brunos story felt that he was the dog, for him.
"And like that Bruno has found himself a new dad " wrote the SPCA in their heartwarming update. ". Of course he couldn't leave without his stuffed animal friend by his side ensuring their friendship lasts forever."

In the Freedom Walk video shared by the SPCA it was revealed that Bruno carried his treasured companion throughout.

The shelter also expressed "Brunos new owner adores him exactly as he is and has made a commitment to shower him with love."