Pink Pup Born Blind And Deaf, Is Now An Inspiration For Kids With Differences

A pink puppy called Piglet is deaf and blind since his birth. His disability did not stop him from shining.

In 2017, a vet called Melissa Shapiro visited a shelter in Westport, where the pup was, and saw something special in him. She directly adopted him!

Melissa shared inline that the first few weeks of Piglet with her were very hard as he was so anxious and fearful.

She added that he showed his character and gained confidence then. She also shared that he is very fantastic and friendly.

Now, the disabled dog is an inspiration for all the kids after being involved in charity with Melissa. His story helps hundreds of kids deal with their differences.

A school in Massachusetts took the ‘disabled’ dog as a role model for their students! The kids were taught to ask themselves if they face any problem “What would Piglet do?"

This initiative did not stay like this as it became an education program in almost all countries.

Noticing how popular he is, Melissa created a charity, website, and social media account.

There is also a book about Piglet, and Melissa donated the profits from selling it to charity! How inspiring!

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