Pearl Pulled From Meat Truck With Skin Covered In Mange, To Meet Her Human At Airport

It is known that there are plenty of people in China consume dog meat, which in unacceptable.

About this case, many provinces have ruled rules to make these habits illegal, but it is still practiced by some farmers!

Thankfully, “Slaughterhouse Survivors” is one of many rescue groups, that does everything to combat this habit.

The dog, Pearl, one newest dog, that was rescued by the rescue from dog meat farm. The dog; who lost one of his hind legs, was taken to be medicated. No one knew if she would do it, but the rescuers were doing their best to save her.

The great thing was that the rescuers found a foster home for her in USA, just after 2 months of being rescued. When Pearl met her foster mama, Leah, in the airport, the meet was great.

Watch the video below.

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