Irresponsible Owners Let Their Dog's Tumor Grow Big, Then Dumps Her At Shelter

A dog called Abbie was dropped off at the door of Pets & People Humane Society in Yukon, Oklahoma, leaving the staff horrified! The poor dog had a big tumor on her head, so, her owner decided to get rid of her instead of taking her to the hospital.

So, the workers directly took her to a hospital, where they found that it was not a cancerous tumor. Unfortunately, half her neck and face had been already covered with the tumor, which means that she needed an immediate surgery to remove it, but it was so expensive. However, they managed to raise approximately $3,500 after appealing to the community.

The surgery was completely complicated as the 10-lb tumor was in a vulnerable location. Thankfully, the surgery, that lasted for hours, was somehow successful as they were able to salvage her right eye, but unfortunately, she lost her affected ear. Watch the video below.

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