Owner Threatens That If No One Adopts His 'Different' Puppy, He Will Drown Him

One dog owner decided to get rid of his 2 pups, Stuart and Lucy. Actually, Lucy was wanted by everyone and she directly got adopted as she was adorable and healthy.

But no one wanted to adopt Stuart as he bit at everything, had a spine defect, and was blind. His owner also said that if nobody adopted the pup, he’d drown him!

When Dennis Mueller saw the post on “free to a good home” page on Facebook, she directly knew that she had to intervene and rescue the dog. She fostered him till he found a forever home as she could not adopt him. She said that he transformed to a loving dog once they are home, despite his disabilities.

Thankfully, Stuart underwent a successful surgery on spine, after funds were raised for it. Thankfully, he was finally adopted by a loving family to continue his life with great people. Watch the video below.

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