Owner Begins To Have Seizures While Walking, His Dog Stops Traffic And Calls For Help

When the owner begins to have seizures while walking, the dog immediately stops traffic and calls for help… Watch this touching video below…

Haley Moore and her family adopted Clover when she was just a pup. Clover did not forget that she was rescued by Haley, and was able to pay back for that after about just 6 months.

One day, Clover and Haley were out for a walk in the neighborhood, when the mama fell to the ground after having some convulsions! Thankfully, she was protected by Clover while receiving medical attention.

Haley said that knowing that Clover was by her side, made her feel more protected. The family also gave Clover a steak as a reward for her selflessness and bravery! How great! Watch the video below.

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