Otter's Reaction Melts Hearts Of Millions When See Popcorn Maker For The First Time

Otters are one of the cutest animals ever they look so adorable so do they act. However, seeing the reactions of otters in general makes anyone's day. Today, we have a cute video of 2 cute otters seeing the popcorn machine of their owner for the first time.

The owner of Hana and Kotaro, pet otters, shared their reactions when they see a popcorn machine for the first time ever on the YouTube channel Kotsumet. You can see that the animals were fascinated by the smell of the butter and the hot air blowing out of the top of the machine.

But when the popcorn started pouring, the animals were very scared as they ran to hide under the couch. However, the animals weren't impressed by the flavor of the popcorn!

It seemed that they prefer Goobers and Sno-Caps to have as a snack when they want to watch a movie. Anyway, the video shows that otters are so adorable and can be great pets. Watch the video below.

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