7 Newborn Puppies Found In A Dumpster While Still Their Umbilical Cords Attached

This story speaks about 7 pups; whose owner threw them in a dumpster and left them to die! Fortunately, they were spotted by a Good Samaritan, who directly called the Pet Network Humane Society, that with no doubt came to take them to give the immediate care they needed.

As the pups had been separated from their mama when they were too young, they’d need 24/7 care. They had to be fed with bottles every couple hours, and they also needed to sleep in a warm place.

The 2-day-old pups (4 females & 3 males) were found with umbilical cords still attached. The pups would be all micro-chipped, neutered, and spayed, when they are ready. They will be then available for adoption.

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