Touching Moment Mother Dog Was Trying To Push Her Puppy Out Of Cage To Slaughterhouse

A young male singer recently shared a photo, on his Facebook page that touched the hearts of many. The picture captured a mother dog in distress desperately trying to free her pup from an iron cage.

It was heart wrenching to see the mother dog confined in the cage giving birth and struggling to help her one escape from its confines. The image resonated with viewers garnering 1000 likes, numerous shares and dozens of comments within an hour.

The photo depicted an frightened dog anxiously attempting to squeeze its head through the iron bars of the cramped enclosure it was born in. As I stood beside the mother dog I witnessed firsthand the puppys struggle to break free from its prison. The scene evoked emotions. Moved many observers to tears.

Imagine the anguish of a puppy deprived of its mothers nourishing milk while also contemplating how heartrending it must be for the mother herself to witness her precious offspring suffer and face mortality. Why was this innocent creature subjected to circumstances as it entered this world?

The image of a dog with eyes trapped inside what appears to be a "death" van has ignited anger, among countless individuals.

Many dog lovers who are, against the consumption of dog meat have expressed their frustration questioning why Asian cultures have traditionally included dog meat in their diets. They believe that dogs should be given an loving home than being treated as food.

There is a consensus among people that eating dog meat is ethically wrong and should be prohibited. In their words they express the desire for humans to reduce the consumption of meat from animals that're close and friendly to us and instead opt for animals that have a faster growth rate and are less susceptible, to health issues.

Personally I sincerely hope that those involved in the dog meat industry will reconsider their choices and allow these poor creatures to live freely.