Couples Couldn't Believe Their Eyes When A Monkey Interrupts Their Wedding Photo Shoot

Sophie Ngo and her husband after their wedding were posing for a videographer when they were intervened by a monkey family. It was a mama monkey and her baby, instead of continuing to passersby the newlyweds, the mama monkey decided to greet them. So, she directly got up personal and close.

Ngo said that she was somehow nervous when she saw the monkey family, but her husband was very calm, and he let the mama monkey and her baby to climb right on him. Ngo and her husband never expected to see wild monkeys in their wedding despite that they are frequent to the area.

She also added that wedding days are something that no one forges, and what happened in her day will surely make it harder to be forgotten. How hilarious! Watch the video below.

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@sophiengooo can’t believe our videographers got this on film, what a wild day!!? #destinationwedding #mexicowedding ♬ original sound - Sophie- Wedding & DIY Content