Mom Saves A Stray Dog, Then Notices That He Looks Very Similar To Her Deceased Puppy

A woman who works as a food delivery employee sadly lost her dog back in Dec 2021. The woman, who prefers to stay anonymous, never thought she would fall in love with another dog very soon. But everything changed when she met a little shih-poo pup, who was very scared, while doing her job weeks later.

The woman said that she saw the dog, who was scraggly, darting across the street in front of her and behind the truck, so, she stopped the car nearby trying to find him. The woman also said that the dog's situation touched her heart, that was broken from her loss, and decided not to leave him on the street as it was risky.

When she was so close to him, the dog ran to her as if he was just waiting for her. At first, the woman tried to see if the dog had an owner, but to no avail as he did not have a microchip. So, she took the dog, who was named Stitch, to a veterinary clinic, where she knew that he was 3 years old. Fortunately, the dog was generally healthy but his hair was matted.

The woman said that she spent almost a week with the dog in hopes that his owner may come but no one came, so, she decided to take care of him. She took him to a groomer to cut his hair. While cutting his hair, the woman knew how much he looks like Lela, her late dog, and she started crying.

After that, she decided to adopt him permanently as he always makes her remember Lela. What a happy ending!

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