Missing 84-Year-Old Woman, Found Unconscious in Street Guarded by Newly Adopted Dog

Police in Houston said that they have found a woman called Pearl Radcliffe who went missing for a few days.

A call came to the 84-year-old woman’s nephew from the Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital, and told her that aunt was there! The woman was originally found laid on a sidewalk on Beechnut Street, and she was unconscious!

When Pearl was found, Maximus, her dog, was by her side as he was also missing. The volunteers of EquuSearch were heading to Pearl’s home to help looking for her, but she was found before, according to Dawne Griffith, her nephew.

How loyal the dog is! He was adopted just one week before his owner went missing! Pearl said that she does not remember how it ended with her unconscious, but her family is now thinking how to keep her safe. How loyal the dog is!

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