Matthew Perry Passed Away And His Devastated Dog Adopted By Another "Friends" co-star

Fans, over the world are deeply saddened by the loss of Matthew Perry, who passed away this weekend at 54 years old.

Perry was widely recognized for his portrayal of Chandler Bing on the beloved and long running sitcom Friends. He shared a bond with his cast members.

Now there is news that one of Perrys Friends co stars is considering adopting his dog following the actors demise.

The passing of Matthew Perry is truly heart wrenching in aspects including the fact that he left behind his canine companion named Alfred.

In January 2021 Perry introduced Alfred to fans through an Instagram post, which instantly melted hearts. The actor playfully wrote, "Who's cuter? Don't even dare to answer that."

It's certain that Alfred will deeply miss his owner after this event. Dogs possess intelligence and often show signs of comprehending their owners passing—sometimes even mourning beside their resting place.

Although it remains unclear who is currently caring for Alfred in light of Perrys passing one of his Friends co stars has expressed interest in providing a loving home for the pup.

According to a source, to Lisa Kudrow, who portrayed Phoebe on the sitcom she is considering adopting Alfred once all funeral proceedings have concluded. The source shared with The Daily Mail that Lisa and other cast members will be attending Matthew Perrys services together.
Lisa is also considering adopting her dog, Alfred " according to a source.

Kudrow was also reportedly "perplexed”, by Perrys passing. The actor struggled with alcohol and opioid addiction throughout his career. Had been sober in years.

Perrys lifeless body was discovered in his tub. While no illegal drugs were found at the scene the police did find prescription antidepressants and anti anxiety medications. Although an official cause of death has not been announced his co stars speculate that these substances may have played a role.

"While nobody wants to believe it was medication – prescribed or not – it's certainly a thought on their minds " stated an insider to Daily Mail. "They suspect he may have taken something that didn't mix well with the water."

The cast members of Friends shared a bond both on and off screen providing support to Perry during his struggles with substance abuse.

"It's a disease and he faced a challenging form of it " Kudrow shared with the New York Times last year. ". What remains unchanged is his determination to keep going keep fighting and keep living."

"I care deeply for Matthew. We're, like family.""I'm essentially concluding this by saying 'I'll be there, for you '. Its sincere. I will always be there for him."

Its not confirmed yet if Kudrow will take in Alfred. It would be a final gesture, towards her Friends co star to ensure the well being of his dog ❤️