Man Spends All Night At Shelter To Adopt The Homeless Dog His Son Falls In Love With

A 5-year-old boy was brought to Spotsylvania Animal Shelter by his dad, Robert Lucas, to let him adopt the dog he wanted. The son fell in love with a dog called Gibbs, who unfortunately was not ready for adoption who already had many interest people who wanted to have him, but the problem was that he wasn’t ready.

After knowing that, Robert knew he should do something to make sure to have Gibbs when he was available for adoption. So, he waited in the parking lot of the shelter for an entire night, the day before the dog was to be on adoption list, to make sure he was the first one to apply to adopt Gibbs when the doors opened.

He said that he was so proud that he did not sleep that night to make sure that his son would have Gibbs as he spent days speaking about him. What a hero dad!

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