Man Carried Baby Animal Up And Down Beach So Her Cries Could Be Heard.

A man was enjoying his walk behind his house when he suddenly heard cries, for help. Curious he went to investigate. Couldn't find anything or anyone nearby leaving him perplexed. This wasn't a situation so the man decided to continue walking towards the beach to see what was going on.

As he got closer to the shore the man noticed a creature that seemed vulnerable and it broke his heart. It was a baby otter, who should have been in the water with its family. Instead sat there crying tears of sadness. Realizing that something had gone wrong and this otter needed help an aquarium employee knew he had to intervene.

Having experience with handling otters the employee gently picked up the baby otter. Walked along the beach hoping to reunite it with its mother. He hoped that the cries of the baby would attract its moms attention. 

Unfortunately there were no otters in sight due to weather conditions causing separation between them. It seemed like this little one had been permanently separated from her mother. With no other option available the man made the decision to bring her back to safety at the aquarium.

Finding endings, for special needs otters is not always easy. The Monterey Bay Aquarium has rescued traumatized baby pups in situations as their stories demonstrate.
Now her bravery is inspiring otters, at the Shedd Aquarium, where she now calls home.

The day before this adorable otter was transferred to the Shedd Aquarium she had the opportunity to be cared for at Monterey Bay. The staff there recognized the importance of introducing her to activities so she learned about eating solid food and swimming in water that goes below your belly.

As time went on the playful nature of this otter grew stronger. She even tolerated being brushed and towel dried.. Eventually it was time for her to embark on her journey, to the Shedd Aquarium. Little did she know how much she would be missed. Some of her friends even shed tears as they bid farewell.

A baby otter has successfully arrived at her home. Just wait until you witness what unfolds when she meets her caretakers. Isn't that face of hers just adorable?