Man adopts 16-Year-Old Senior Dog To Make His Final Hours As Happy As Possible.

This story speaks about a senior dog called Henry who was surrendered by his family when he was about sixteen years old. The family did not even bother to take care of the dog when they knew that he has testicular cancer diagnosis and just got rid of him.

Henry's health was also worsened as he is blind in one eye and deaf. His constant pain also made him loose most of his mobility. But everything changed when Zach Skow saw the dog and decided to help him after noticing his condition.

Zach decided to foster Henry as he thought that the poor senior would not last more than a few weeks. He wanted to make him feel cherished and loved in his final days.

However, a miracle happened after Henry spent his first night at Zach's home as Henry was able to stand and walk to the yard all by his own! It was obvious that he needed a home and a family to feel strong.

By days, Henry started feeling better even more. So, Zach decided to let him have a surgery to remove the cancerous tumors. Thankfully, the surgery was a great success as he started playing around like a little pup.

Happily, Henry has been also adopted by a great family after they heard what happened with him and they also promised that he will have great days in his golden years. What a transformation!

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