Cute Maine Coon Cat Filmed While Bravely Swimming Toward Its Mom

"There's an exception for everything". This sentence means that when you speak about something in general, does not mean that what you say is applied on everything. So, it is known that cats do not love water, but there are some cats who enjoy swimming in the water and this Maine Coon cat is one of them.

The Maine Coon breed, that is known as mousers in homes, and on ships and farms, has a very large size.

So, when this Maine Coon cat saw her owner swimming in the water, she could not hold her happiness and jumped into the water to greet her.

You can see that the cat at first put her front paws in the water to see if she could swim, then she jumped without hesitation to greet her owner who was enjoying her time in the water. How adorable! Watch the video below.

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