'Madame Eyebrows' The Dog Known As Always To Be Out Of The Mood.

Pet dogs surely have a better life than stray ones as they have owners, who care for them, take them for walks, and play with them. Briefly, pet dogs are happier than stray dogs, and this is clear on their faces.

However, sometimes the dog's face can't tell everything just like this dog's face. An English Bulldog called Madame Eyebrows lives in Germany with Janina, her owner. The dog became very famous all over the world as she always looks sad and grumpy!

Her face looks frowny due to deep markings right above her eyes, which makes them look like eyebrows! Janina said that she loved the dog the moment she saw her, and directly adopted her and called her Madame Eyebrows due to the look of her eyebrows.

Janine, who had another dog called Luna, adopted Madame Eyebrows when she was 3 months old to be a companion to Luna. At first, Luna was not happy with Madame Eyebrows, but they were then able to get along. They love each other, and spend almost all the time together. How awesome! Watch the video below.

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