Little Girl Visits Shelter And Adopts Sick, Shy Pit Bull Who Just Needs Love

Because there are a number of dogs, in shelters they are all seeking a home. Sadly some individuals may request time.

Many dogs often get overlooked by adopters who prefer more conventionally attractive puppies due to factors such as breed, age, appearance or health issues.

However occasionally a hearted person steps forward. Shows compassion towards these animals. A pit bull was adopted from the shelter by a 2 year girl who chose him over all the animals.

When Audra Spurio took her 2 year daughter to the shelter with the intention of adopting a dog she never expected to be drawn towards an scruffy looking pit bull. Despite realizing that the dog needed some care the little child persisted.

In an interview with The Dodo Audra shared that "my kid wanted to meet her more than any dog, at the shelter that day." Even though the dog "smelled like mange " the young child insisted on keeping him. Said, "Mommy, that one."

The dog was let out into the yard. Gigi said,"I need your help."
The pit bull was allowed to go and play because Gigi agreed to the girls request. The child was typically gentle and understanding while the dog seemed fearful and shy.

While many children might have been disgusted by the dogs condition Gigi simply saw a companion, in need.

As the young couple played outdoors the girl showered the dog with belly rubs and kisses clearly showing their connection.

"I witnessed this puppy just melt in Gs arms " Audra shared. The puppy clung to my daughter tightly. Didn't want to let go.

Gigi pleaded with her mother to bring the pit bull home so they could care for her until she could return to her kennel. In the words of a child "Sick doggie lets go home."

Fortunately the girls wish came true. Out of all the dogs at the shelter that day she fell head over heels, for the pit bull now known as Scarlett, who now has a loving home.

Audra informed The Dodo that Scarlett's home now and doing much better.
She still has dreams of achieving her goal.

Gigis passion, for animals has garnered a following on YouTube, with 14 million subscribers who share her optimism, for the future.

Such a considerate and wonderful individual. We are delighted to see Scarlett surrounded by a family living in a home and being taken care of by a compassionate caregiver.

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