Little Girl Milts Hearts Of Million While Singing 'You Are My Sunshine' To Her Dying Cat

Having a pet is a part of life as any pet owner would attest. Pets may not be human. They offer unwavering love and bring joy to their owners. However one sad reality is that pets have limited lifespans.

Every pet owner eventually faces the loss of their companion. This can be particularly difficult for young children to go through and process emotionally.

In this story prepare yourself for a touching moment that might bring tears to your eyes. It involves a girl serenading her cat with the song "You Are My Sunshine" as the feline sadly approaches the end of its life before Christmas.

Despite her tender age of four years old the little girl named Abby has already shared memories with her beautiful cat named Bailey. In fact Bailey had been a member of Abbys family, for a decade before she was even born. As a result their bond was incredibly special.

For years on end Abby and Bailey were companions. Abby often found solace in reading and singing, to her feline friend.

It was such a video to watch, where it seemed like Bailey truly understood Abbys singing. It was their moment together, as friends before Baileys kidney failed and she passed away shortly after the video was filmed.

Once the video was shared online thousands of people from over the world showed their support by liking, sharing and leaving comments for Abby.

According to many people sent gifts and cards to Abby in hopes of bringing her some joy after watching the video.

Abbys mother took a moment to express her gratitude, towards everyone who sent cards and heartfelt messages during their time of grief. She mentioned that the support they received from strangers gave her a glimmer of hope in a world often filled with negativity.

Watching this is absolutely devastating. Its also heartwarming to see that Bailey spent her moments in such a loving home.