Kangaroo Captured While Trying To Drown A Dog Who Was Trying To Play With It

Kangaroos may look cute, but they didn't getting their heavyweight boxer reputation for nothing.

One bounding beast lived up to that name in a recent fight with an unassuming dog that was caught on tape.

In the video, uploaded on YouTube by Anthony Gill, the black great Dane, Max, swims into a pool of water in the Australian outback, perhaps not realizing his soon-to-be rival was taking a dip.

The kangaroo immediately gets on the defensive, shuffling from foot to foot in the water like a true boxer, following the pet.

Max just makes it to the other side and, now on dry land, gains confidence.

Barking frantically at the kangaroo, the pet takes a step closer.

But just as he does, the huge kangaroo takes a dangerous swipe at the dog's snout with both paws.

Max falls in the water and swims back to shore.

But after a quick shake off, he foolishly comes back for more.

This time the wild creature gets a good hold on the great Dane and attempts to drown him by pushing him underwater and holding him there.

Another dog, one of Max's pals, is seen in the footage barking frantically as the underwater fight ensues.

Finally, the pet battles his way up for air and breaks free with the help of his owner Anthony Gill. And, this time he doesn't come back for another round.