Ignored Shelter Dog Spends One Full Year Watching People Passing Over Her Kennel

This story speaks about a seven-year-old American Staffordshire mix called Sophie, who spent almost a year waiting to be adopted at SCAS (Seminole County Animal Services). The volunteers of the shelter were very surprised that Sophie was constantly passed by as she was a favorite among them!

Whenever she saw someone coming to adopt a pet, she hoped to be that one, and pressed her face against her kennel's bars to catch their attention! But unfortunately, everyone was just ignoring her!

So, the shelter shared some photos of Sophie on Facebook in hopes that someone would come to adopt her. They shared some information about her in the post such as having a pretty gray coat, and soulful eyes. They also added that Sophie was ready to be adopted, but she needed to learn how to walk on a leash without being pulled.

Unfortunately, still no one came to adopt her! So, the shelter set up a camera inside Sophie's kennel to let people see her day. You can see in the video below Sophie jumping up and ran towards the bars whenever she heard someone coming!

Thankfully, her wish came true just a day before her first anniversary at the shelter! A kind man saw the post and the video, and directly knew he had to help her! He went to the shelter and adopted her officially! What a happy ending! Watch the video below.

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