Horse Moves Out Of Stall To Visit Dementia Patients Who Fed Him Carrots

It is known that memories of horses are incredible, which means that if you ever show them any love or care, they will never forget that and try to give it back to you. And this story is a great example of that.

One palomino paint horse called Panda always tried to escape the stall to visit dementia patients, according to Maija Vance, the horse's owner.

You can see in the video below that Maija is trying to answer a question about how many times her horse has left the stall to visit dementia unit! The song in the background "2 Times” by Ann Lee was the answer.

The video directly went viral getting many interactions and comments as many people thought that it was hilarious, outrageousness, and cuteness.

However, the reason why Panda always tries to break out of stall to visit dementia patients is that he was given some carrots from some patients in the dementia units when he was there with his owner to visit patients.

It is known that animals will surely be motivated by food, so, Maija knew that she has to motivate Panda with the same way. How hilarious!

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