Golden Retriever Waits Patiently For His Wild Squirrel To Visit Him Every Day

Judie Jacobs began being more attention when she saw Murphy, her golden retriever, doing an unusual thing. Murphy was noticed hanging out by the back slider door, so, when Jacobs started observing what he was doing, she found that he is being visited everyday by a red squirrel.

Despite being cautious at first, the red squirrel, who was called by Jacobs Chippy, started bonding with the dog more and more. The trust was built over the time. And the squirrel would actually everyday to meet Murphy. Jacobs taught Murphy to leave nuts to Chippy, which left him understand that she likes eating nuts.

It was a cute routine for all of us, said Jacobs. The dog started showing the squirrel his positions including his favorite ball. Unfortunately, the squirrels stopped visiting the golden retriever as often she used to do which left him a bit “melancholy”. But everything changed one day when Chippy came back with someone with her.

It turned out that she was pregnant and had babies and she couldn't wait to show Murphy her babies. Despite having babies, the friendship between Chippy and Murphy is still the same and even getting better and better every day. How adorable! Watch the video below.

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