German Shepherd Who Has Been Lost For 5 Weeks At Sea, Miraculously Found Alive

A German shepherd husky mix called Luna, who went missing from her owner for 5 weeks at the coast of San Diego, California!

Nick Haworth, Luna’s owner, spent days searching for his dog, who fell off a fishing boat, along with a navy crew, but no avail!

Sadly, they thought that Luna has drowned! But staff at the St Clemente Island’s Naval Auxiliary Landing Field arrived for work after five weeks to find Luna sitting on the side of the road wagging her tail, according to a Navy public affairs officer, Sandy DeMunnik!

Thankfully, Luna was able to swim to shore and she has been eating dead fish and rodents to stay alive! Furthermore, Luna wasn’t injured, and she was healthy despite being slightly malnourished.

She finally collected with her owner’s best friend in Colorado, until Nick returns from his travels. What a happy ending! Watch the video below.

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