He Failed As A Cattle Dog, Then Meet A Disabled Baby Cow And Becomes Her Caretaker

A disabled calf called Cupcake was born with crooked back legs, and all of her legs were turned out and bowed! Thankfully, she was adopted Tim Kay Meyer and his wife Genia when she was only 5 weeks old.

The couple gave the calf the proper care she needed as they’d feed her with a bottle every day! To make things even better for Cupcake, Bo, Meyer’s failed cattle dog, also started taking care of her, which added a caretake to Cupcake’s caretakers!

The dog and calf never leave each other! To be accurate, Bo never leaves Cupcake’s side! The dog completely protects the calf as if she is his own! However, Meyers are now raising donations in hopes they can help Cupcake with operations to fix her legs! How awesome!

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