Endangered Visayan Deer Rarest Deer On Earth Discovered In The Wild

The Prince Alfred’s deer, which also known as the Visayan found deer, or Philippine seen deer, was recently caught on photos in its natural habitat! The deer, that is known scientifically as Rusa alfredi, is considered endangered!

IUCN (the International Union for Conservation of Nature) identified the deer as seriously endangered due to continuous poaching and deforestation!

The deer, that was found the Visayan islands, the Philippines, is surely the rarest deer species alive. This species can only be found on these islands! The whole population of all alive Visayan deer is less than 700!

How, hunting Visayan deer is prohibited since 2001due to the Republic Act No. 9147. We hope that the population of these deer would grow up as they are very unique and rare.

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