Dog's Adorable Hats Make Her Feel More Confident in Her Own Skin

When The Labelle Foundation took a dog called Strawberry from the shelter, she was in total mess. Strawberry's mama, Kristen Kuhlman, said that her skin was very red, and she was covered in scabs and mange. She also added that the dog would not have survived with help as she was clearly very neglected.

While Strawberry healed, many people transported her to medical appointments and helped foster her.

However, there was something very noteworthy about the dog in addition to all of her injuries, which was a huge bump protruding from her head. The foundation took the puppy to be examined and biopsied, and they found that removing it would be very dangerous on Strawberry's life as it was not a tumor, so they decided to leave it.

Luckily, Strawberry found the perfect family for her, who accepted her bump and everything about her. Kuhlman, who adopted Strawberry, said that their family was very devastated and sad after losing their dog of 15 years, so, they decided to fill the gap she left.

The first meeting with the family was very sweet as she directly gave Kuhlman's son the biggest hug, which left all the family heartwarming. The family then came up with a great idea to cover the bump by making adorable hats for her. How great!

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