Family Dog Is Stunned When He Feels Baby Kick In Mom's Belly For The First Time

This story speaks about a cute rescue dog called Goose, who loves his owners unconditionally. The dog always makes sure that his new family is safe as they have given him the care and affection he needs since they adopted him. He also became very protective when he knew that his mama was pregnant.

Goose’s mama said that it was obvious that Goose knew that there was something related to her was going on, but when he saw her belly moving, he knew that she was pregnant!

The mama was somehow worried about Goose’s reaction, but his reaction was way better than what she thought as became more attached to her since he knew she was pregnant!

One day, the cute dog was laying his head on his mama’s womb when he was kicked from inside it!

The dog’s reaction can’t be described! He had more than a hundred emotions at the same time! Thankfully, everything was caught on camera, and it was one of the cutest things ever! Watch the video below.

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@meggysuemalouf When you feel your tiny human bestie kick for the first time. Wait for his reaction ?? #pregnancy #pitbull #dogsofttiktok #foryou #fyp #baby ♬ come into my arms - november ultra