Dog At Shelter Who Spent 7 Years Locked In Darkness Had Given Up Hope In Life

There was a dog, from Romania who spent seven years confined to a small wooden box in darkness. Her hope had faded away until a compassionate group of animal lovers stepped in to help.

According to Victoria Pombeiro, a member of Pawprints to Freedom the dog endured seven years of darkness inside the Adjud public shelter. She never had the chance to see the sunlight or feel the grass beneath her paws. The dog remained nameless. Seemed to have lost all hope refusing to leave her shelter and even neglecting her meals. As described by Pombeiro her life had become nothing than an existence without joy or purpose. She lacked a name. Her eyes appeared empty when kind hearted volunteers tried to comfort her. Left with no option but solitude and imminent death she yearned for a home and family.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation Pawprints to Freedom—a UK based animal rescue organization—knew they couldn't abandon this dog in the shelter any longer. Determined not to let her suffer alone without a home or family they launched a fundraising campaign with hopes of transporting her from Romania to the UK.

Fortunately their call, for support was answered swiftly as generous supporters rallied together and raised funds in a amount of time.
"Thanks, to the support from our donors we were able to swiftly raise the necessary funds for transporting this poor girl. It's incredible how quickly we reached our goal, within four hours of posting! Pombeiro expressed her gratitude. Shared that a local primary school not bestowed the name 'Skye' upon the dog but also contributed hundreds of dollars towards her well being.

In exciting news we have found Skye a forever home! Gillian Elisabeth Grummitt has generously offered to provide a loving environment for Skye. She will be joining her furry siblings in just a few days. Grummitt has previously adopted another dog through our rescue charity.

Since finding Skye a home our volunteer at the Adjud shelter has been working tirelessly to boost Skyes confidence. We are thrilled to share that she has made progress and experienced moments—like wagging her tail—for the time in seven years. Its heartwarming to witness how simple things, like grass, sunshine and canned food bring happiness to her life.

With all arrangements made Skye safely boarded our transport. Arrived at Grummitts home without any issues."Grummitt provided an update, to everyone on the groups page regarding Skyes progress. It was mentioned that Skye is quite shy. She is eating and drinking well and even wagging her tail. Skye now has the freedom to come in and out of her crate as she pleases since she considers it her safe space.

Additionally Grummitt shared that Skye has been going out into the garden for her bathroom needs and is making strides. Now Skye eagerly dances when its time for dinner and is doing well.

Pawprints to Freedom couldn't be more thrilled that Skye has found a home where she can experience the joy of walking on grass bask, in the sunshine and happily dance during mealtime.