Dog Shed Real Tears From His Eyes Wondering Why Family Left Him In Shelter

Blue, a pit bull dog, lived in California with a nice family for a year, but the family decided to move without taking Blue with them. So, Blue was given to a high-kill facility, which was Carlson Shelter in California.

So, the nice, adorable pit bull was in that killer shelter. While he was crying so much because of this bad act of his careless parent.

Look at his tears, he cries like human beings. We all think how someone can do this bad act with an innocent creature?! But, luckily the luck of Blue worked again, he was adopted by Jennifer McKay who watched the video that was uploaded by a worker in the shelter.

Thankfully, he finally has a new adorable owner with a new forever home. Make sure to watch the video till the end to see his real tears. Watch the video below.

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