Smart Dog Caught On Camera Riding Bus Alone And Getting Off At Pet Food Store

It is known that dogs can easily get trained tricks that are taught to them by their owners. Furthermore, they are well aware of things they see every day, and can also learn them easily, and this story, that took place in Guayaquil, Ecuador, proves that perfectly.

An unusual moment was recorded by the streets' surveillance cameras showing a pup doing a surprised thing. You can see in the video, that was shared on Twitter by Radio Pichincha, a dog going out of a bus, that parked on the street.

It seemed that the driver did not have any problem taking the dog in the bus. But what was more surprising was that the dog went directly to a pet food store! You can see how happy the dog was from seeing him wagging his tail knowing that he would get fed as always.

The video directly went viral getting more than 30k views, and many people commented on it expressing how great the driver is to take the puppy in the bus. Some other people appreciated the cleverness of the dog, who knows how to use the bus. Watch the video below.

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